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12/24v DC Economy Watermakers



13/50 GPH/LPH

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On-Shore Desalination – Up to 10,000 GPD/37,900 LPD

Produces 65 - 1,560



Produces 75 - 1,810

Produces 114 - 2,730


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12 – 180v DC Watermakers

13 gallons - 50 ltr./hour

8.5 gallons - 32 ltr./hour



11 gallons - 42 ltr./hour


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Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new watermaker and the service we have received from your company. Thanks to everybody for their help and patience and prompt service. We will certainly recommend you to others.

Jim and Paula

SY "White Gold"

Having the Echotec 260-DML-1 on board and functioning superbly was of great assistance to our efforts during the Newport to Bermuda Race. Thanks for providing such exemplary service — which has impressed me along the lines of your pragmatic and efficient watermakers.

Kent King

SV "El Oro"

We upgrades many systems on our 10.8m sloop Tryphena for the east coast to the Kimberley. The ECHOTec 260-DML-1 watermaker was probably the best investment we made. It's a beautiful piece of engineering and lived up to our every expectation,

Peter Giller

SV "Tryphena"

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