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Advanced Engine-Driven Watermaker Filtration Systems

photo of an RO watermaker

At ECHOTec, our advanced water filtration system offers customizable features to meet your specific needs. From full assembly filters to duplex stainless steel control panels, our solutions ensure efficient and effective water purification. Supported by high-quality components and a detailed installation process, trust our water filtration systems will provide reliable and precise purification.

1 Filter housing 20 microns completely assembled ( w/o boost pump ) or

2 filter housings 5 and 20 microns ( with optional boost pump )

1 316 Bracket with screws.

1 5/8″ Service Valve with 1 nylon nipple and 2 barbed hose connectors (with boost pump) or

1 3/4″ Flush/Storage Valve with 1 Nylon Pressure vessel(s) with reverse osmosis membrane(s) nipple and 3 barbed hose connectors (without boost pump)

1 High-pressure pump with 316 SS pump head and magnetic clutch

Pressure vessel(s) with reverse osmosis membrane(s):

Specifications and System Features
ModelMembrane vessels
500 – AML – 1one 40″ vessel
900 – AML – 2two 40″ vessels
1200 – AML – 3three 40″ vessels
1500 – AML – 4four 40″ vessels

What Is Duplex Stainless Steel?

Duplex stainless steel is a family of stainless steel. They offer a variety of properties, providing excellent corrosion resistance, especially in extremely harsh environments such as those in the marine industry. These stainless steels are very durable, making them ideal for many mechanical and structural applications. 1 Duplex stainless steel control panel completely assembled with 1 Duplex stainless steel self-regulating pressure control valve 1 High pressure gauge 1 Diverter (3-way) valve 1 Breaker or 2 Breakers with optional boost pump 15 feet / 4.5-meter high-pressure hose with 2 x 316 high pressure fittings attached 2 x 316 field attachable high pressure fittings 20 feet / 6 meters 3/8″ blue product water tubing or 1/2″ braided hose (model 1500) 10 feet/3 meter 3/4″ wire coil reinforced intake hose (without boost pump only) 10 feet/3 meter 5/8″ braided hose + 3 feet wire coil reinforced intake hose ( with boost pump) 10 feet/3 meter 1/2″ braided reject hose 2 x 1/2″ 316 hose clamps (model 500, 900, 1200) or 6 x 1/2″ 316 hose clamps (model 1500) 6 x 3/4″ and 2 x 5/8″ 316 hose clamps (with boost pump) or 8 x 3/4″ 316 hose clamps (without boost pump) 1 Handheld TDS Meter 2 Filter cartridges, 20 microns (without boost pump) or 5 and 20 microns (with boost pump) 1 Biocide, 1 acid cleaning solution, 1 alkaline cleaning solution 1 complete Installation and Operating Manual

Efficient Water Purification Solutions by ECHOTec

Our engine-driven watermakers offer customizable features that range from filter housings to control panels with the option of durable duplex stainless steel, providing effective water purification. You can trust in the reliability and precision of our ECHOTec’s water filtration systems for boats to consistently provide clean, purified water. Contact us today to learn more about our advanced water filtration systems and their customizable features.