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Options and Accessories - Belt Driven Series

Boost pump kit Contact Us For Pricing.

If the high pressure pump is installed less than 2 feet below the waterline or an additional 5 micron pre-filter is added, the installation of an optional boost pump is recommended.

1 Magnetic (no seal / no leak – no corroding stainless shaft) Boost pump, 3/4″ intake hose barb, 5.8″ outlet hose barb, 4 feet / 1.2 meter 3/4″ wire reinforced intake hose, 10 feet / 3 meter 5/8″ braided feed hose

5 Micron Pre-filter housing – Free of charge

The additional 5 micron pre-filter is only recommended in connection
with the optional boost pump 1 Filter housing, 1 pre-filter cartridge, 1 bracket, 1 3/4″ NPT

Low pressure gaugeContact Us For Pricing.

The low pressure gauge indicates when the pre-filters have to be changed or the through-hull becomes clogged (barnacles etc.).

Low pressure gauge (AISI 316 housing / Monel bourdon tube) -30 +60PSI, ¼”NPT thread in filter housing, 316SS bracket with cutout for gauge.

Fresh water flush kit Contact Us For Pricing.

The fresh water flush kit enables you to store your watermaker for up to 10 days without the use of chemicals (biocide). The fresh water flush storage can be repeated every 10 days.

Kit contains: 1 Filter housing, 1 active carbon cartridge, 1 bracket (AISI 316SS), 8 screws, 1 shut off valve, 2 hose barb connectors, 1 Nylon nipple, 1 Nylon tee, 10 ft. braided hose, 5 hose clamps (AISI 316SS).

Custom DUPLEX Upgrade Contact Us For Pricing.

DUPLEX 1.4462 (similar to 2205) is more costly and more difficult to form and machine but achieves almost twice the corrosion resistance of 316 stainless steel. DUPLEX has been successfully used for all high pressure fittings and pressure regulators of ECHOTec commercial desalination systems for the past 10 years. The custom Duplex upgrade is now available as an option for yacht watermakers.

The Duplex package comes with a lifetime warranty (If for any reason, a DUPLEX regulator or fitting ever fails, we replace it. Period)

Maintenance Kit – Contact Us For Pricing.

10 Pre-filters, 5 and/or 20 micron (2 ½” x 10”)
1 Spare sea strainer screen
2 Active carbon filters (fresh water flush)
1 Ltr. High-pressure pump

Extended Maintenance Kit Contact Us For Pricing.

1 Acid cleaning compound
1 Alkaline cleaning compound
2 Storage compounds (Biocide)
1 Complete spare seal and O ring kit (except high pressure pump)

Consumables Contact Us For Pricing.

5 / 20 micron pre-filter cartridge
5 / 20 micron pre-filter cartridge 10 pcs.
Active carbon cartridge
pH neutralizer / mineral cartridge
Sea strainer screen
Membrane element 2½” x 21″
Membrane element 2½” x 40″
Biocide / Storage compound
Alkaline cleaner
Acid cleaner
High Pressure Pump valve kit
High Pressure pump seal kit (Water and Oil)

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