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2400 GDP Series With Energy Recovery
115/230v AC Pro Series
AC Powered Reverse Osmosis Watermaker

2400 GDP Series With Energy Recovery - Our Energy Recovery Desalination Machine

115/230v AC Pro Series - Semi-Modular/Self-Contained

AC Powered Reverse Osmosis Watermaker - ECHOTec AML/S Series

The ECHOTec ECO-Series offers a cutting-edge and economically efficient reverse osmosis (RO) solution within this specified output range. Utilizing a field-tested, highly dependable rotary piston energy recovery pump, the ECO system can generate 2400 gallons (9060 liters) of fresh, drinkable water daily from either brackish water or seawater, all at an exceptionally affordable rate.

Engineered to withstand the harshest marine environments, which are far away from any conveniently located factory service centers, the ECHOTec PRO-Series offers a consistent supply of top-tier drinking water for small to medium-sized commercial vessels and larger yachts.

These proven watermakers boast straightforward self-installation, if needed, and demand minimal maintenance, placing ease of operation at the forefront of their essential features.

The ECHOTec AML/S Series seawater desalination system stands as a time-tested essential for cruising enthusiasts on both sail and motor yachts equipped with single-phase generators of 1.3 KW or more. Developed by and for avid cruisers, these robust yacht watermakers have undergone constant refinement since their initial debut in 1997. With over 40 million collective real-world operating hours, their design has consistently demonstrated exceptional reliability and endurance.

AC Desalination Systems for Small Boats - 115/230V AC Economy
AC Desalination Systems for Small Boats - 115/230V AC Economy
DC Watermakers for Sale - 12/24 V Watermakers for Sale

AC Desalination Systems for Small Boats - 115/230V AC Economy

Modular Belt-Driven DC Watermakers

DC Watermakers for Sale - 12/24 V Watermakers for Sale

ECHOTec Economy Watermakers are supplied with all the necessary components for on-board installation, allowing you to generate fresh water from seawater effortlessly. In cases where the high-pressure pump is to be installed less than 40cm below the waterline, you may opt for an additional seawater feed pump as needed. For a personalized setup tailored to your preferences, explore the available options and upgrades listed on our website.

The AML Yacht Series, renowned for its specifications and cost-effectiveness, serves as a reference point for performance and reliability benchmarks.

Engine or belt-driven watermakers prove most advantageous when your vessel’s propulsion engine operates frequently, typically more than once a week. These systems have the capacity to generate a substantial 21 to 64 gallons of fresh water per hour, making them suitable even for smaller yachts lacking a generator. Whenever your diesel engine is in operation, it not only provides a consistent source of fresh water but also simultaneously charges your batteries. Furthermore, incorporating a watermaker pump into the alternator’s workload offers the added benefit of optimizing your diesel engine’s performance, as it operates most efficiently when not underloaded.

ECHOTec Economy Watermakers provide a comprehensive package equipped for seamless on-board installation and fresh water production from seawater.

In scenarios where the high-pressure pump is to be installed within a depth of less than 40cm below the waterline, it becomes necessary to consider an optional seawater feed pump. The high-pressure pump is ingeniously mounted onto a tailor-made bracket that connects directly to the vessel’s main engine or generator. An electromagnetic clutch, actuated by a single A-section belt, facilitates the coupling of the watermaker’s pump to the engine, ensuring efficient operation. To simplify installation, the included U-bracket serves as a valuable tool for affixing the pump to the engine, resembling the process of adding a second alternator.

Your Industrial Water Desalination
DC 12v Marine Desalination System

Your Industrial Water Desalination

DC 12v Marine Desalination System

The BHL Series is specifically crafted to meet the needs of small hotels, marinas, and waterfront homes situated near salt or brackish water sources, where the logistical challenges and expenses of delivering clean water are significant. These desalination systems offer exceptional power efficiency, unwavering reliability, and minimal maintenance costs, often rendering high-quality fresh water production more cost-effectively than by relying on any available municipal water sources.

The newly designed marine aluminum frame not only presents a clean and attractive appearance but also allows convenient access to the system’s components for ease of maintenance. The modular wall mount systems and self-contained vertical framed systems are both space-efficient and nearly turnkey in nature, making them accessible for installation by individuals without an engineering background.

For fresh water needs exceeding 7,000 gallons per day (26,495 liters), the flexibility of the BHL desalination modules allows for the installation of multiple redundant units, ensuring an unlimited and consistent water output.

ECHOTec has made a significant leap in watermaker efficiency with the introduction of the 12/24 Volt Watermaker 200-DML-1, marked by the implementation of ultra-reliable triplex ceramic plunger pumps.

The ECHOTec pump, constructed from stainless steel and operating at a low revolution speed of 570 RPM, is powered by a remarkably efficient permanent magnet motor. This design is specifically tailored for continuous operation even in demanding tropical conditions.

In contrast to other systems, ECHOTec yacht watermakers stand high above less dependable and high-maintenance energy recovery pumps, as well as electronic circuits that are prone to irreparable failures capable of stalling the entire system.