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The ECHO Tec. AML/S series seawater desalination system is a well-proven cruising equipment for sailing and motor yachts with single-phase generators of 1.3 KW or larger. Designed by and for cruisers, these rugged yacht watermakers have been continually improved since their first introduction in 1997. The design has proven its extreme reliability and longevity in more than 40 million combined real-world operating hours.

The innovative system features like pH neutralizing post-treatment, high-pressure pump noise reduction, O-ring sealed high-pressure connectors throughout the system, field attachable high-pressure hose fittings or easy owners’ installation, together with low purchase/maintenance cost, and cruiser-friendly, world-renowned after sales service makes ECHOTec watermakers the sensible choice for boaters anywhere on the planet.

Select your system configuration:
Modular – to fit into the smallest possible space available and for easy access to the system components.
Compact – self-contained in a sleek, lightweight aluminum frame for time-saving installation and added system features

Self-Contained Configuration (shown with optional equipment)

Sargasso Compact – Advanced desalination technology

Because only track records count, ECHOTec Sargasso Compact desalination systems are built without any finicky electronics. Despite many optional system features such as a real-time salinity monitor, hour meter, and automatic fresh water flush timer, all functions are controlled by rugged mechanical components and low voltage electrical circuitry – more reliable and repairable anywhere you go.

Sargasso Compact is the most versatile watermaker available nowadays! Frame, pre-filters, and pressure vessels can be separately mounted view drawings. Simply select output, frame configuration, optional features, and choice of color scheme for your application and we build Sargasso Compact to your exact technical and esthetical requirements.

Systems with 40″ membrane vessels
Model Rated Performance Membrane vessels Generator Amps 115v Amps 230v 50Hz
260-AML-1 13 GPH – 50 L/h one 40″ vessel 1.3 KW 5.0 / 2.5 3.8
390-AML-1 18 GPH – 70 L/h one 40″ vessel 2 KW n/a 4.2
690-AML-2 29 GPH – 110 L/h two 40″ vessels 2 KW n/a 4.2
430-AML-1 21 GPH – 79 L/h one 40″ vessel 2 KW 8.4 / 4.2 n/a
780-AML-2 32 GPH – 123 L/h two 40″ vessels 2 KW 8.4 / 4.2 n/a
1000-AML-2S 43 GPH – 160 L/h two 40″ vessels 3 KW 12.9 / 6.5 8.6
1200-AML-2 50 GPH – 192 L/h two 40″ vessels 4 KW 16.4 / 8.2 9.5
1300-AML-3S 55 GPH – 210 L/h three 40″ vessels 3 KW 12.9 / 6.5 8.6
1400-AML-3 60 GPH – 227 L/h three 40″ vessels 4 KW 16.4 / 8.2 9.5
1500-AML-4 70 GPH – 260 L/h four 40″ vessels 4 KW 16.4 / 8.2 9.5

Reverse Osmosis performance varies with the feed water temperature and salinity.
The rated performance is tested at 26ºC / 80ºF water temperature and salinity of 35000 ppm TDS.
*Also available in 36 VDC, 48 VDC, 90-96 VDC, and 180 VDC
**Prices shown do not include shipping, taxes, and/or customs duties (if applicable)

Systems with 21″ membrane vessels
Model Rated Performance Membrane vessels Generator Amps 115v Amps 230v 50Hz
AMS-310-2 17 GPH – 65 L/h two 21″ vessels 2 KW 8.4 / 4.2 4.2
AMS-510-3 25 GPH – 95 L/h three 21″ vessels 2 KW 8.4 / 4.2 4.2
AMS-910-4 42 GPH – 140 L/h four 21″ vessels 3 KW 12.9 / 6.5 6.5

Reverse Osmosis performance varies with the feed water temperature and salinity.
The rated performance is tested at 26ºC / 80ºF water temperature and salinity of 35000 ppm TDS.
*Also available in 36 VDC, 48 VDC, 90-96 VDC, and 180 VDC
**Prices shown do not include shipping, taxes, and/or customs duties (if applicable)

Key Features:

  • Three years warranty on all parts/components except consumables
  • Lifetime warranty on Stainless steel high-pressure pump head and R.O. pressure vessel
  • Spring-loaded automatic pressure regulator for constant working pressure
  • Specially engineered, soft vibration dampers on all high-pressure pump/motor units
  • Extremely silent operation – no charge/discharge noise
  • No energy recovery pumps – No electronic circuits
  • High-rejection R.O. membranes with a three-year pro-rated warranty
  • Modular concept for space-saving installation
  • Stainless steel high-pressure fittings are O-ring sealed – no leaking/cracking compression fittings
  • Field attachable high-pressure hose fittings for clean installations at any hose lengths
  • Post-treatment pH buffer/hardener element saves up to 50% of produced water. 
  • No proprietary equipment – Consumables may be obtained anywhere (except pH buffer element)
  • Immediate delivery from stock
  • 7 days a week top-notch support and after-sales care!

Does Reverse Osmosis Really Purify Water? 

At our state-of-the-art watermaker manufacturing facility, we take immense pride in crafting cutting-edge desalination machines that employ the marvel of reverse osmosis technology to purify water. Whether it is with a home desalination system or desalinators for sailboats and yachts, you can rest easy knowing that reverse osmosis is one of the best ways to purify water. In fact, reverse osmosis is a process that leads as the gold standard in water purification, effectively removing impurities, salts, and contaminants from seawater or brackish sources.

Our desalination machines harness this technology to produce clean, fresh water that is essential for a wide range of applications, from providing potable drinking water for boaters to sustaining agriculture and industry. 

Is Reverse Osmosis Better Than Bottled Water? 

Our commitment to water quality goes beyond just meeting the standards. We strive to exceed expectations and redefine how we think about water. Reverse osmosis, the cornerstone of our water purification technology, stands as a testament to our dedication to providing the best for your health and the environment.

Unlike bottled water, which often contributes to plastic waste and carbon emissions from production and transportation, reverse osmosis offers a sustainable alternative. It efficiently removes impurities, salts, and contaminants from your water, leaving you with the purest, cleanest drinking water imaginable. 

Lastly, the quality of water from reverse osmosis systems surpasses that of many bottled waters. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of the source and the impact on the environment. Say hello to the superior purity and environmental responsibility that reverse osmosis brings to your life.

Which Is Healthier: Reverse Osmosis or Distilled Water?

When it comes to your health, the choice between reverse osmosis (RO) and distilled water is a crucial one, and we firmly believe in the superiority of reverse osmosis technology. RO water produced by engine-driven watermakers or home desalination systems is not only exceptionally pure but also retains essential minerals that are vital for your well-being.

In contrast, distilled water, while it effectively removes impurities, also strips away beneficial minerals in the process. By choosing RO water, you ensure that you’re consuming water that is both clean and healthy, providing you with the hydration and essential nutrients your body needs. 

Can Reverse Osmosis Make Lake Water Drinkable?

At our watermaker manufacturing facility, we’ve harnessed the power of reverse osmosis to make this once-impossible task a reality. Lake water can often be contaminated with various impurities, including sediments, microorganisms, and dissolved minerals. Reverse osmosis systems employ a semi-permeable membrane to filter out these contaminants, ensuring that what emerges on the other side is pure and potable water.

Our machines are engineered to handle the specific challenges posed by lake water, delivering clean, safe drinking water that meets or even exceeds regulatory standards. It’s a game-changer for regions where clean water access is a challenge, and it’s our mission to make this transformative technology available to all.

More About ECHOTec Watermakers and Our Products

ECHOTec Watermakers is dedicated to helping our customers with everything that they may need when it comes to desalination and purifying water. Our wide selection of products was designed with boaters and homeowners in mind. Contact us today to learn more about desalinators for sailboats and our other great products.

Standard System Features

Standard System Features – Sargasso Compact

Dimensions – Modular

Dimensions – Sargasso Compact

Owners Manual 310-1500 Modular

260-AML-113 GPH - 50 L/h390-AML-118 GPH - 70 L/h690-AML-229 GPH - 110 L/hShare