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On-shore Desalination – up to 10,000 GPD/37,900 LPD

The BHL Series has been especially designed for small Hotels, Marinas and Waterfront Homes with access to salt or brackish water and where supplying clean water can be logistically complex and expensive. The high power efficiency, ultimate reliability, and low maintenance cost of these desalination systems make high-quality fresh water in many cases more economical than municipal water where available. The newly engineered marine aluminum frame provides a tidy appearance while allowing easy access to the system’s components for maintenance. The modular wall mount systems or the self-contained vertical framed systems are space-saving and almost turnkey so that people without engineering backgrounds can install them. For freshwater capacities of a multiple of 7.000 GPD / 26,495 Liters, the installation of any number of redundant operative BHL desalination modules can produce unlimited output.

More economical than a single large system, multiple desalination modules provide backup, ease transport as well as installation, and reduce the electrical start-up load by more than 35%.

In times of low water demand, only the modules needed are operated for low maintenance and ultimate cost efficiency.

Upgrades are easy, fast, and available in 1.800 and 7,000 GPD steps.

If a seawater well/spear/bore or open seawater intake at a lower water level is used, the installation of a submersible feed pump is recommended. A sand filter (multi-media filter) installed before the cartridge pre-filters can reduce filtration costs.

Wall Mount (Horizontal) Systems
Model Production Recovery Amps @ 230V Amps @ 115V
400 – BHL – 1 65 – 1,560 16% 5.4 8.4 / 4.2
500 – BHL – 1* 75 – 1,810 10% 9.2 18.4 / 8.2
700 – BHL – 2 114 – 2,730 28% 5.4 8.4 / 4.2
900 – BHL – 2* 143 – 3,450 18% 9.2 18.4 / 8.2
1200 – BHL – 3* 190 – 4,540 23% 9.2 18.4 / 8.2
1500 – BHL – 4 227 – 5,450 28% 9.2 18.4 / 8.2

Reverse Osmosis performance varies with the feed water temperature and salinity.
The rated performance is tested at 26ºC / 80ºF water temperature and salinity of 35000 ppm TDS.
*Also available in 36 VDC, 48 VDC, 90-96 VDC, and 180 VDC
**Prices shown do not include shipping, taxes, and/or customs duties (if applicable)

Vertical Mount Systems
Model Production Recovery Amps @ 230V 3 Phase** Amps @
1000 – BHL – 2 143 – 3,450 20% 9.2 / 8.2 n/a
1300 – BHL – 3* 227 – 5,450 24% 11.2 5.5 / 3.8
1800 – BHL – 4 284 – 6,800 30% 11.2 5.5 / 3.8
2900 – DUAL – 6 454 – 10,900 24% 22.4 11.0 / 7.6
3600 – DUAL – 8 568 – 13,600 30% 22.4 11.0 / 7.6
7000 – PRO – 4 1,105 – 26,495 30% n/a 12.1 / 7.0
14k – DUAL – 8 2,210 – 52,990 30% n/a 24.2 / 14.0

Reverse Osmosis performance varies with the feed water temperature and salinity.
The rated performance is tested at 26ºC / 80ºF water temperature and salinity of 35000 ppm TDS.
*Also available in 36 VDC, 48 VDC, 90-96 VDC, and 180 VDC
**Prices shown do not include shipping, taxes, and/or customs duties (if applicable)

Key Features:
  • Self-contained or semi-modular concept for space-saving, fast and easy self-installation 
  • All control systems are electro-mechanical – No electronic circuits close to seawater – Low voltage control circuit
  • Spring-loaded automatic stainless steel pressure regulator – No leaking needle valves
  • Extremely silent operation – no charge/discharge noise
  • High-pressure hoses with O-ring sealed stainless steel fittings – No corroding or cracking compression fittings
  • The salinity meter, hour meter, and filter condition gauges are standard equipment
  • RO pressure vessels with O-ring sealed stainless steel high-pressure fittings – No cracking NPT end plugs
  • Corrosion-resistant marine aluminum frame, epoxy primed and polyurethane top coated
  • Three years warranty on all parts/components except consumables
  • Widely available commercial-size sediment pre-filters (10”x 4.5”, Big Blue) are standard equipment
  • Custom system configuration for tight installations at no extra charge
  • Three years limited warranty on the stainless steel high-pressure pump head
  • Lifetime warranty on Stainless steel high-pressure pump head and R.O. pressure vessel
  • No proprietary equipment – Consumables may be obtained anywhere (except pH buffer element)
  • 7 days a week top-notch support and after-sales care!
Electrical Power Requirements:

Bulkhead Mount System (400/700 BHL):

  • 115/230V 60Hz single phase – 4,2/8.4 amps

Bulkhead Mount System (all other models):

  • 115/230V 60Hz single phase – 11.2 amps at 230V
  • 230V 50Hz single phase – 9.2 amps at 230V

Vertical Mount System (3HP Motor):

  • 115/230V 60Hz single phase – 11.2 amps at 230
  • 230V 50Hz single phase – 11.2 amps at 230V
  • 208-230/460V 60Hz three phase – 5.5 amps at 230V
  • 230/380/440V 50Hz three phase – 3.8 amps at 38

Vertical Mount System (7.5 HP Motor):

  • 208-230/440-460V 60Hz three phase – 20.0 amps at 230V
  • 220/380-440V 50Hz three phase – 11.2 amps at 380V

Vertical Mount System (5000 – BHL – 4):

  • 208-230/440-460V 60Hz three phase – 12.1 amps at 230V
  • 220/380-440V 50Hz three phase – 7.0 amps at 380V
Scope of Components

Wall mount frame (marine grade aluminum 6061) with shock-mounted stainless steel high-pressure pump and electrical/flow control panels.

1 Pressure vessel rack with 1-4 thin film composite RO membranes

1 Pre-filtration rack with standard size BB cartridges, 4½” x 10”,
(except systems 400/700-BHL: 2½” x 10”, 5 and 20 microns)

Fresh water flush system (Exchanges the seawater in the RO membrane elements with freshwater and therefore avoids biological growth that may clog the elements, leading to reduced output and premature failure)


Vertical mount frame (marine grade aluminum 6061) with shock-mounted stainless steel high-pressure pump unit, electrical/flow control panels, and RO vessels

Built-in dual filter housings with pleated polyester standard size BB cartridges, 4½” x 10”, 5 and 20 microns

Built-in freshwater flush system (exchanges the seawater in the RO membrane elements with freshwater and therefore avoids biological growth that may clog the elements, leading to reduced output and premature failure)


The desalination system is equipped with all necessary instrumentation, for the control and supervision of the operation of the unit:

Pressure Gauges:

  • Feed water, system entrance (316SS glycerin filled, Monel tube)
  • Feed water, high-pressure pump entrance (316SS glycerin filled, Monel tube)
  • RO pressure, (316SS glycerin filled, Monel tube)

Flow Meter:

  • Product discharge


  • Digital product water quality monitor – ppm TDS

The following automatic emergency shut-off functions are provided:

Low feed water pressure (e.g. seawater intake or pre-filters clogged)
High RO pressure
Tank full (float switch optional)

What Is Industrial Desalination?

photo of an industrial water plant

Industrial desalination is a process that involves the removal of salt and other impurities from seawater or brackish water on a large scale to make it suitable for various industrial purposes, such as power generation, manufacturing, and agriculture. This is a critical technology in regions facing water scarcity, where traditional freshwater sources may be insufficient to meet the growing demand. The primary method used in industrial desalination is typically reverse osmosis or distillation.

In reverse osmosis, high-pressure pumps force water through semi-permeable membranes, separating salt and impurities from the water. Distillation involves heating the water to create vapor and then condensing it back into liquid form, leaving impurities behind.

Industrial desalination plays a crucial role in addressing water shortages, supporting industries that require large amounts of water, and contributing to sustainable water management practices in arid or water-stressed regions.

Why Is Desalination Not Used for Drinking Water?

photo of a glass of water

Our home desalination systems manufacturer would like to point out a common misconception. Desalination is indeed used for drinking water, especially in regions facing water scarcity. However, challenges such as high energy consumption, environmental impact, and cost have limited widespread adoption.

The desalination process, which involves removing salt and impurities from seawater, demands significant energy inputs which are often derived from non-renewable sources. While desalination systems are usually not powered with renewable energy resources, ECHOTec Watermakers offers solar panel watermakers. These provide water leveraging renewable energy. While not exactly industrial water desalination, this technology can be seen in our 12v marine watermakers and sailboat desalination systems. 

Are There Water Desalination Systems for Homes?


photo of a reverse osmosis system

Yes, water desalination systems for homes do exist, providing a practical solution for areas with limited freshwater resources. While these systems are not as common as traditional water filtration methods, advancements in technology have led to more compact and efficient home desalination options. 

Companies, including ECHOTec Watermakers, offer residential desalination systems that utilize reverse osmosis to transform brackish or saline water into potable water. These home desalination systems cater to individual water needs, ensuring a sustainable and reliable fresh water supply directly at the residential level. This contributes to water security in regions facing scarcity or contamination challenges. 

What Is Industrial Reverse Osmosis?

photo of blue pipes

Industrial reverse osmosis, a cornerstone of our expertise, is a process wherein water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane, effectively removing impurities, contaminants, and salts, leaving behind crystal-clear, potable water. Our state-of-the-art marine desalination systems can produce thousands of gallons of purified water per day. This makes them invaluable assets for businesses and homes situated in regions with challenging access to conventional water sources. Whether it’s remote locations, arid environments, or areas facing water scarcity, our industrial reverse osmosis systems provide a reliable and sustainable solution. This solution meets the growing demand for clean water, ensuring a constant and dependable supply for a variety of applications.

Which RO Is Best for Industrial Use?

photo of a reverse osmosis watermaker

When it comes to industrial reverse osmosis solutions, the unequivocal choice for businesses seeking unparalleled performance is the ECHOTec Watermakers BHL Series and the 2400 GDP Series with energy recovery. Meticulously engineered and designed with precision, the BHL Series stands as the pinnacle of efficiency and reliability in the realm of water purification. This series, tailored to the unique demands of industrial applications, is specifically crafted to meet the water needs of establishments such as hotels and marinas. With its cutting-edge technology and robust construction, the BHL Series excels in producing substantial volumes of drinking water. This makes it the ideal choice for those requiring a consistent and ample supply. Trust in the BHL Series from ECHOTec Watermakers for your industrial water purification needs. Then, you will experience the assurance of a system that not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of quality and performance. If you are looking for the best marine watermaker, look no further than ECHOTec.

Is It OK to Drink Reverse Osmosis Water?

photo of a girl drinking water

Yes, drinking reverse osmosis water is more than just OK. It’s a smart and health-conscious choice. Our advanced reverse osmosis technology at ECHOTec Watermakers ensures that impurities, contaminants, and unwanted substances are effectively filtered out, leaving you with pure, clean, and refreshing drinking water. This process guarantees a high-quality water source that is not only safe for consumption but also tastes crisp and free of any undesirable elements. So, whether you’re quenching your thirst at home, in a hotel, or aboard a yacht with our BHL Series, you can trust in the excellence of ECHOTec Watermakers to provide you with the purest and most enjoyable drinking water experience.

More About ECHOTec Watermakers – One of the Top Industrial Water Desalination Companies

While we do not have our own desalination plants, we do offer some of the most proven equipment in the industry. Our industrial water desalination company is one of the best in the industry because of the quality and ease of use of our products. We are passionate about providing equipment that is proven to improve our customers’ quality of life. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer our customers when it comes to desalination for home and personal marine use. 

VERTICAL MOUNT SYSTEM – Dimensions and weights
Bulk Mount System Inches Centimeters Weights (kg/lb)
Pump / Control Unit 24″ W x 14.0″ D x 13.0″ H 61cm W x 36cm D x 33cm H 34.0 / 75.0
Pressure vessel – 500-BHL-1 49″ W x 4.0″ D x 3.5 ” H 123cm W x 10cm D x 9cm H 6.0 / 13.0
Pressure vessels – 700-BHL-2 49″ W x 4.0″ D x 9.5 ” H 123cm W x 10cm D x 24cm H 12.0 / 26.0
Pressure vessels – 900-PRO-2 49″ W x 4.0″ D x 9.5 ” H 123cm W x 10cm D x 24cm H 12.0 / 26.0
Pressure vessels – 1200-PRO-3 49″ W x 4.0″ D x 13″ H 123cm W x 10cm D x 33cm H 18.0 / 39.0
Pre-filtration System 25″ W x 8.0″ D x 15″ H 64cm W x 20cm D x 38cm H 5.45/ 12.0
Vertical Configuration:

Standard Vertical Configuration

For installations where space is limited, the high-pressure pump, the flow/electrical control unit, the pressure vessels, and the pre-filters of the continuous duty, framed vertical mount system can be ordered in separate modules.

Semi-Modular Configuration

Modular Configuration

Up to 10,000 GPD/37,900 LPD
400-BHL-1Produces 65 - 1,560500-BHL-1*Produces 75 - 1,810700-BHL-2Produces 114 - 2,730Share