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Numerous businesses and boaters require fresh water for their operations. Agriculture relies on fresh water for crop irrigation, ensuring agricultural productivity. Energy companies use fresh water for cooling systems in power plants, optimizing energy generation and environmental sustainability. Further, the manufacturing sector depends on fresh water for various processes, including equipment cooling and product fabrication. Where does this water come from? Water desalination systems.

The industrial need for fresh water has made many businesses look toward using fresh water makers to supply this vital resource. In areas where fresh water is scarce or saltwater is abundant, the need for water desalination systems, also known as watermakers, is essential. Boaters of all kinds look to use desalinators to make their time on the water easier. In this article, ECHOTec Watermakers explores the topic and our full selection of desalinators for boats and homes. 

Desalinators for Sailboats

Often, sailors who embark on extended voyages or long-distance cruising require watermaker systems or fresh watermakers for boats. One of the most common kinds of watermakers includes bluewater cruisers. Sailors planning extended trips across oceans or remote areas where fresh water sources are scarce or unreliable benefit greatly from watermakers to ensure a consistent supply of potable water. This means that they will need a reliable watermaker to withstand long voyages and give them the consumable water they need to survive while on the ocean.

Some of our most popular options for sailboat watermakers include the following: 

These are both reliable and effective enough for serious sailors to count on. 

Home Desalination Systems

Desalination systems may be used in homes under specific conditions, typically in areas facing severe water scarcity or poor water quality. One of the most common places that systems like these are used include coastal areas with water quality concerns. In areas where the local water supply has issues with contamination or impurities, such as high levels of heavy metals or pollutants, desalination can help improve water quality. These large, industrial water desalination systems provide the high capacity that is needed.

The most popular kinds of these systems that our company carriers are the following: 

Solar Desalination Systems

Solar desalination systems offer several advantages that make them an attractive choice in certain situations. They use renewable solar energy to power the desalination process, making them environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. This reduces the reliance on non-renewable energy sources and lowers operating costs over time. Solar desalination systems also cater to environmentally friendly boaters and business owners.

Engine Driven Watermakers 

Engine-driven watermakers are water purification systems powered by a yacht’s engine. They harness the engine’s energy to operate a high-pressure pump, which pushes seawater through a reverse osmosis membrane, yielding fresh, potable water. This category of marine desalination systems offers numerous advantages when compared to alternative watermakers and desalinators.

More About ECHOTEc Watermakers

We are proud to provide water desalination systems to our customers. These are proven to effectively provide fresh water from saltwater. We are passionate about the technology and craftsmanship that goes into these systems, and we are here to provide this to our customers. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more about our 12-volt watermakers, belt-driven watermakers, and boat watermakers.