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AC desalinators for boats are watermakers designed for boats and yachts that use alternating current (AC) electricity to power the system. They are capable of producing a large amount of freshwater from seawater or brackish water by using a reverse osmosis process. AC desalinators typically have a higher water production rate compared to their DC counterparts, making them suitable for larger vessels with higher freshwater needs. They also tend to be more robust and durable, making them a reliable choice for long-term use or even home use. AC watermakers can be installed as a permanent fixture on board, providing a consistent and convenient source of fresh water while at sea. To learn more about these kinds of products that we have for sale, we recommend that you continue reading below. 

Are AC-Powered Watermakers the Best Marine Watermakers? 

There are many different kinds of marine desalination systems that you could choose from, which means that you need to learn which one may be the best one for your specific vessel or situation. There are many advantages to using AC electricity to power your boat’s systems, and these are detailed below. For one, AC systems are usually needed for boats that have a need for higher production rates. This is usually the case for people that are liveaboard or that have a large boat with multiple sinks or showers that need fresh water to run properly. Also, AC water makers are a good option for those that choose to live close to shore because of their ability to be run by shore power. If the boat is docked at a marina or other location with shore power available, an AC-powered watermaker can be run without draining the boat’s battery. This is a huge advantage to those who choose a liveaboard lifestyle since they will likely be going from marina to marina. 

AC Marine Fresh Watermaker for Sale

If you are looking for some top boat water desalination systems, then our business has the best options for you. Some of our most popular AC desalinators for boats include the following: 

Each of these products provides different benefits, which we recommend that you look through to get a better idea of what you could come to expect when the time comes for purchasing one of these machines. 

More About EchoTech Watermakers

If you are looking for an AC watermaker for sale, we are the business for you. We have a wide selection of products and vast experience with all things that have to do with desalination and desalinators. We offer extensive watermakers for boats like our portable watermakers and 12V watermakers. Contact us today to learn more about what makes our selection of products among the best watermakers for sailboats and home desalination systems.