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solar panel desalination

If there is one thing that boat owners may be interested in, it is using renewable energy to power the appliances on their boats. Not only is using sustainable energy like this better for the environment, but it could also help them save money on generators and diesel. One of the most popular appliances that are used on boats includes desalination systems. Being a popular appliance used on boats thanks to them being able to provide drinking water, many boaters could benefit greatly from solar panel desalination systems, especially if their boat stays in a sunny location. To learn more about this kind of watermaker for yachts, do not hesitate to continue reading below. 

Benefits of a Solar-Powered Watermaker

There are many benefits to relying on solar power to power your appliances. For one, solar panels generate electricity without having to depend on fossil fuels. As mentioned before, this could translate to money saved on powering the desalinator on the boat. This is especially true for people that choose to adopt a live-aboard lifestyle, as relying on fossil fuels could present limitations to the lifestyle. A more detailed look at the benefits of solar-powered boat watermakers is seen below: 


    • Sustainability –  Since solar-powered watermakers for boats use renewable energy, it is an environmentally friendly way to produce clean drinking water while minimizing harm to the ecosystem.

    • Reliability – Solar panels are low maintenance and can last for many years, making a solar-powered watermaker a reliable source of freshwater for boaters.

    • Ease of use – A solar-powered watermaker is easy to operate, with simple controls that require minimal maintenance or repair.

    • Portability – A solar-powered watermaker can be lightweight and portable, making it an ideal solution for boaters.

    • Healthy –  Drinking clean and safe water is essential for good health, and a solar-powered watermaker can help ensure that boaters have access to safe drinking water, especially in remote areas where fresh water may not be readily available.

What Are the Best WaterMakers for Sailboats?

When it comes to people that own sailboats, solar panel desalination is one of the most popular options for them. The fact that sailboats rely on wind, a renewable source, to power them, is a very attractive feature to those looking to become more sustainable within their boating hobby. Desalinators are an essential part of boating long-term and one that is solar-powered may be the best option for sailors. 

Can You Power a Boat With Solar Panels, Including the Watermaker?

Yes, you can power a boat’s onboard systems, also known as auxiliary or house systems, with solar panels. Many boats use solar panels to generate electricity for various onboard systems and appliances, making them more self-sufficient and eco-friendly. Solar panels are installed on the boat’s deck, roof, or other suitable surfaces to capture sunlight. These panels consist of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electrical energy. Later, this converted electricity is used to charge a battery, which is later used to power a watermaker. For boaters looking to create freshwater through environmentally friendly means, solar panels are a great option for you. 

Can a Solar Panel Charge a Marine Battery for Desalination Systems? 

For certain watermakers, like our DC watermakers for yachts, charging a battery is a top consideration. Marine batteries are normally the kinds of batteries that need to be charged to power a watermaker, so it is only natural for someone to ask themselves if a solar panel could charge a marine battery. Marine batteries, such as deep cycle batteries, are commonly used to power various electrical systems on boats, including lights, navigation equipment, radios, and more. Solar panels can provide a renewable and eco-friendly way to charge these batteries when the boat is not in use or when the engine is turned off. Furthermore, both small boats, larger water vessels, and industrial desalination systems can use solar panels. 

How Can Boats Be Eco-Friendly Using a Desalinator? 

Boats could be eco-friendly by using a desalinator if they make an effort to power it through wind power or solar power. To illustrate, many sailboat desalination systems will use diesel-powered engines to run a desalinator, which is both dangerous for the environment and costly because you need to keep on replenishing your supply. We are proud to offer eco-friendly boating equipment to our customers because we are passionate about the ocean and its conservation. 

How Effective Is Solar Desalination? 

Solar desalination could be extremely effective because of the quality of our machines. With a battery-powered boat watermaker or home watermaker, you can enjoy constant water as long as you have access to plenty of sunlight. The effectiveness of solar desalination is highly dependent on environmental conditions. It works best in regions with abundant sunlight, such as arid and sunny coastal areas. The efficiency of solar desalination systems can be negatively impacted by cloudy or overcast weather conditions. Many people also use solar panels as an auxiliary to regular means of powering a boat or home. 

What Are the Advantages of Using an Eco-Friendly RO Water System?

Eco-friendly boating equipment is a top concern for recreational and commercial boaters alike because they are inherent stakeholders in the ocean. Being a good steward of the environment promotes boating and makes sure that future generations enjoy it. 

More About ECHOTec Watermakers

ECHOTec Watermakers is one of the top purveyors of solar panels that make water and solar panel desalination systems on the market. We also make an effort to provide other kinds of marine desalination systems for boaters that want to make drinking water from salt water. Visit our online store or contact us today to learn more about our home desalination systems and other boat desalinators for sale.