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Home Desalination


What Are the Benefits of Desalination Systems for Homes?

A desalination system that is installed at home offers many benefits to homeowners. Perhaps one of the most popular of these benefits is access to a large amount of clean and drinkable water. Home desalination systems are designed to remove impurities through osmosis. This is especially true in areas where the quality of public water is a concern or where fresh water is scarce. 

Aside from providing clean water in areas where this is scarce, many choose to use desalination systems so that they can become more independent from the municipal water supply. This could come in handy in times when the water supply becomes contaminated due to natural disasters or other reasons. Homeowners who live in areas that periodically experience flooding or water shortages would be wise to have a desalination system available. 

Lastly, one of the most important advantages of having a desalination system available is the fact that it could save you money in areas where bottled water is expensive or where public water is expensive to use.

How Do Home Water Desalination Systems Work? 

Home water desalination systems and watermakers for boats work by using a process called reverse osmosis. This is a process that is proven to remove salt and other impurities from water. Our home and marine desalination systems manufacturer explains the process below: 

  • Pre-treatment: The water is first pre-treated to remove any large particles, such as dirt, sand, or leaves. This is typically done using a sediment filter.
  • Filtration: The pre-treated water is then forced through a semipermeable membrane using high pressure. The membrane allows water molecules to pass through while trapping salt and other impurities. This process is called filtration.
  • Concentrate discharge: The salt and impurities that are trapped by the membrane are discharged as a concentrate. This is typically done by diverting a portion of the filtered water back into the pre-treatment stage.
  • Post-treatment: The filtered water is then post-treated to remove any remaining impurities and improve its taste. This may involve passing the water through a carbon filter or adding a small amount of minerals for taste.
  • Storage: The purified water is then stored in a tank for household use.

Are Desalination Home Systems Good for the Environment? 

One of the main attractions of using a desalination system is the fact that they have a positive environmental impact. One of the largest pollutants of the environment is plastic water bottles, and having a source of freshwater is extremely valuable if you are looking for an alternative to bottled water. 

Can Desalination Be Done at Home?

At ECHOTec Watermakers, we understand the growing interest in sustainable water sources, and the question of whether desalination should be undertaken at home is a pertinent one. While the concept of domestic desalination may seem ambitious, it is indeed feasible with the right technology. Our advanced desalination systems, specifically designed for offshore purposes, offer a viable solution for those seeking self-sufficiency in freshwater production. These cutting-edge systems utilize state-of-the-art reverse osmosis technology, ensuring efficiency and reliability in converting seawater into high-quality drinking water.

For those residing in coastal areas or offshore locations, our compact and energy-efficient watermakers provide a sustainable means of tapping into the vast seawater resources surrounding them. With a focus on user-friendly operation and low maintenance, our desalination systems empower individuals and communities to harness the potential of the ocean for their water needs. By investing in a home desalination system from ECHOTec, users not only gain independence from traditional water sources, but also contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future. Embrace the possibilities of domestic desalination and unlock a constant, renewable supply of fresh water with ECHOTec Watermakers.

How Much Electricity Does It Take to Desalinate Water?

Our two most popular watermakers are the ECO-Series and the BHL series. A short graphic of the energy consumption and specification can be seen below:

2400 GDP Series with Energy Recovery Specifications


Specs Table


BHL Series Specifications 

There are two different classes of systems for this product: a horizontal system and a vertical system.


Specs Table 2
Specs Table 3


Is Residential Desalination Safe? 

Our home and sailboat desalination manufacturer is dedicated to the safety and well-being of our customers. The process of desalination itself, when performed using advanced technologies like reverse osmosis, is inherently safe and proven. Our residential watermaker systems are designed with a comprehensive approach to ensure the production of clean, potable water without compromising on safety standards. Rigorous testing and adherence to industry regulations are integral to our manufacturing process, guaranteeing that the water produced by our systems meets or exceeds established quality standards. With a commitment to environmental responsibility, our systems also prioritize energy efficiency, minimizing any potential ecological footprint associated with desalination. As a result, residents can trust in the safety and reliability of ECHOTec Watermakers for their domestic desalination needs, contributing to a sustainable and secure water source for their homes.

How Much Maintenance Does a Home Desalination Kit Require?

Our residential desalination systems are designed for hassle-free operation, requiring routine maintenance that is straightforward and user-friendly. Typically, maintenance tasks involve periodic checks and replacements of filters, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the system. The modular design of our kits simplifies the maintenance process, allowing users to easily access and replace components without the need for specialized skills or tools. Additionally, our comprehensive user manuals and customer support services are tailored to guide homeowners through routine maintenance procedures, making the entire process seamless. We understand that the success of a home desalination kit lies not only in its water production capabilities but also in its user-friendly maintenance requirements.

More About ECHOTec and Our Residential Desalination Systems

We are a proud manufacturer of reverse osmosis watermaker systems. Our wide selection of products is designed to help people interested in creating fresh water in their boats or homes. Contact us today to learn more about our 12v watermakers and other fresh water makers.